Appraisal Services

Whether a market survey analysis or appraisal is required, we can offer a full range of valuation and consulting services to inform and help you with your next real estate project.

Owing to our multi-disciplinary approach, our clients can be certain that the process will remain clear and simple from beginning to end.

Each member of the team at Raymond+Joyal is qualified in their role, and the firm has had over 45 years of experience within the profession offering high quality services and providing an unrivalled level of support that all its clients can benefit from.

Mortgage Financing

During the mortgage financing process, a chartered appraiser is committed to provide financial institutions or alternative lenders a fair and justified opinion of the value of the real estate property used as collateral for the loan.

Our firm, is accredited with all mortgage lenders, and enjoys a solid reputation for the quality and rigor of the work done. Our services are required and recognized in all categories of real estate properties, residential, commercial, industrial and institutional.

We also work with several lenders in foreclosure cases.


Expropriation is a highly specialized field whereby the estimate of compensation for the property taken is based on the value to the owner.

In the event that you are deprived of your property, or if a public body plans to expropriate, Raymond Joyal Cadieux Paquette & Associates Ltd combines many years of experience in this field and provides leading expertise to determine fair compensation for the property taken.

Constantly aware of the legislation and jurisprudence in the matter of expropriation, our team of chartered appraisers and technicians will advise you wisely in this field of expertise.

Our chartered appraisers are recognized as expert witnesses before the Tribunal Administratif du Québec (TAQ) which is responsible for ruling on matters of expropriation.

Property Tax Services

Property tax is generally the largest expense of residential and non-residential properties, and is based on the real market value estimated by the municipal assessment service.

We offer consultation and advocacy services to owners and users of all types of real estate. Our highly efficient service aims to obtain the most accurate and fair value according to the Act respecting municipal taxation in Quebec. We verify assessment data for correctness, making sure that all elements influencing the market value were taking into consideration by the assessor.

Our assessment experts have intricate knowledge of the Act respecting municipal taxation in Quebec, and the skills to facilitate review and discussion during the request for revision period, in preparation for an appeal hearing before the Tribunal Administratif du Québec (TAQ).

Acquisition, Disposition and Asset Turnover

Whether you decide to buy, sell or transfer ownership of any kind, it is important that you have timely access to relevant data.

The use of objective information will allow you to begin the negotiation or transfer process successfully, regardless of whether you are a seller, buyer, transferor or transferee.

Having on hand an appraisal report prepared by a chartered appraiser helps make fair and informed decisions, and avoid in some cases regrettable and often irreversible consequences.

Property Insurance Valuation

Property valuation for insurance purposes should reflect the monetary amount required to replace a building in case of a disaster, as well as to provide the insured with a building with the same utility that it had before the disaster.

By using our team of specialists in replacement or reproduction cost new estimate for any type of building, it will be possible to know the insurable value of your property in order to obtain a fair and adequate insurance coverage.

Evaluation for tax purposes

With over 45 years of experience in real estate evaluation, Raymond+Joyal has collected a large amount of valuable information to help you minimize the fiscal impact on frozen assets, capital gains, V-day values and GST/QST contributions. Our firm also offers services that meet IFRS accounting standards.


Real estate contracts are generally based on the fair market value that the two parties, specifically the landlord and the tenant, depend on in order to determine a fair and equitable market rent.

Our chartered appraisers are qualified to take part in the arbitration process during renegotiation of rent or compensation.

Real Estate Litigation

Raymond+Joyal has experienced and recognized real estate appraisers that can act as expert witnesses in litigation about the partition of the family patrimony, assessment appeal, expropriation, and damages related to construction defects and/or malpractice.

Raymond+Joyal takes a client-focused approach to deliver practical and cost-effective results, both inside and outside the courtroom. We have appeared as expert witness before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec (ATQ), the Superior Court, the Quebec Court (small claims division) and the Régie du logement.

Real Estate Consulting

The real estate industry is constantly changing and has undergone many changes in recent years.

Consultation: can be defined as the process of getting information from real estate data, resulting in some kind of recommendations and solutions to various real estate issues and problems. These types of real estate studies and analysis are not directly related to market value appraisals, and include highest and best use, feasibility, financial, market and other real estate studies and research.

Raymond, Joyal, Cadieux, Paquette & Associates Ltd has a team of real estate appraisers and analysts that can conduct extensive and detailed market research. They can provide relevant information on the real estate trends for your company or your industry.

Rental Value

The rental value is defined as the most probable rent that can be obtained on a competitive and open market after proper marketing.

Whether in the context of a dispute between landlord and tenant, for taxation purposes (municipal or otherwise), for accounting purposes, or simply as part of an estimate of the market value of a property, we are fully qualified to perform this kind of work, realizing this type of mandate on a regular basis.

Raymond, Joyal, Cadieux, Paquette & Associates Ltd has a team of experienced technicians who conduct research and investigations, and accredited appraisers that analyse the results and provide a reasoned market value opinion.

Estimating rental values requires a significant amount of data. Given the large number of files completed over the years, Raymond+Joyal has collected an extensive database enabling them to provide their clientele with a professional service of high quality.

Market Research

Successful investors are those who inquire.

Whether building new or investing in an existing real estate property, the best ideas come from your reading of the target environment. Market knowledge will help you to identify customers, the competition and allows you to act timely.

Raymond+Joyal offers its expertise to gather relevant data that will inform you on the approach to be adopted to carry on your project.

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